Lost My Creator Features

awaisbaba Posts: 6

Hi everyone I ran in to a unique bug in snap chat app which took away the "Creator Features". Also when I click on the button manage members on snap chat my lenses page https://my-lenses.snapchat.com the pop-up page comes up broken showing 404 error.

This problem started after I deleted my public profile because I had mistakenly made a business account and wanted to delete it but was afraid that I would lose my spotlights, lenses or subscribers.
Anyways I contacted Snap chat support and asked for help they sent me step by step guide which was confusing (to me at least). As I was told I deleted the business public profile and almost everything remained same except my stories were all gone (which I can live with) and I have no more creator features.

I wrote to snap chat support again but unfortunately did not get the exact answer I was looking for. I feel like because of them being busy they do not really read the emails and reply the with an answer from the related snap chat page. I wanted to know about how to get the creator features back. When I press edit on my profile on snap chat app from my mobile I do not have to category section or roles.
I might have done something wrong but the question atm is:
Is there a way to get those features back as on my public profile it still shows the category but I can't change it because there is no option what so ever.