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⚛️ Introducing React Native wrapper for Camera Kit

stevenxu Posts: 612 👻

Snap’s advanced AR development platform is becoming even more developer friendly with our newest addition of React Native support for Camera Kit.

Today, we launched a React Native wrapper for developers integrating Camera Kit to make the integration process as accessible and seamless as possible. The wrapper provides developers without native iOS and Android development experience with a convenient way to implement the functionalities of Camera Kit in React Native powered applications once, and publish on multiple platforms (Android and iOS). To get started, install the @snap/camera-kit-react-native npm module and start calling Camera Kit APIs. Detailed instructions and a sample application is available on the Github page.

We value feedback from our community and we built this wrapper in response to multiple requests for React Native support in Camera Kit. We ask that our developers contribute to this repo to fix bugs and add new features.