Does LocatedAtComponent have memory leaks?

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Lens studio version: 4.55.1
Mobile device: Samsung Galaxy A20

Bug description: I'm currently working on a project with Custom Location, and after some time, the lens starts to lag, then freezes, then snapchat crashes.

How to replicate the bug:

  • Create a new project
  • Add a SceneObject with a LocatedAtComponent
  • Create a new LocationAsset with a custom location
  • Set the LocationAsset to the LocatedAtComponent
  • Send the lens to snapchat
  • Open the lens in snapchat
  • Wait for about 30s-1min, and it should start to lag

Does anyone know what I can do to avoid this bug? Is it really a memory leak or is it linked to something else?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers me.


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    I tried to find what can cause the lag, and I still can't find anything. If anyone could give me any information on it, it would be very helpful for me since I'm kind of stuck right now.

    Thank you.

  • james jack

    It appears that your Lens Studio project, specifically involving Custom Location, is experiencing performance issues leading to lag and eventual crashing in Snapchat. To troubleshoot, optimize your project's assets, monitor for memory leaks, review scripting for efficiency, test on different devices, ensure you're using the latest Lens Studio version, and consider reaching out to Lens Studio support for further assistance if the problem persists. For more information about SASSA SRD status check click on this link.