WebSDK Platform Identifier?(SOLVED)

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Hello WebSDK Team!

I am almost there... When I am about to submit it tells me I need to complete the section "Platform Identifier". Went to the documentation and this what I found:

"Please make sure to select the correct Stage (Staging or Production) and Platform (iOS or Android) before you start developing. Also enter the correct Bundle or App ID that matches your iOS or Android implementation."

I also asked the AI assistant in the documentation and this what it told me:
"In the context of web development, a platform identifier could be used to distinguish between different web browsers or versions of a web browser."

It also gave me some examples of possible platforms identifiers for web but when I used those I got a "origin is not formatted correctly" error, so I am not sure what should I put there.

Also, my "Platform Identifier" section looks differently from the documentation one. It only has Stage and Origin, vs Stage, Platform and Bundle.

I guess the questions is: What is the correct format of a platform identifier for web?

EDIT: It seems it was an issue with my field yesterday? I tried again this morning writing the domain I am using for the web app and worked perfectly.

Again, a million thanks for your help. :smile:


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    Hi @Janie Carmody thank you for your answer. I gathered as much. It seemed to be there was an issue with my platform identifier field yesterday, today it received the domain with no issues!

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    @aestarita yay! Thanks for closing the loop. Glad you were able figure it out! :smiley: