Is there a way to to detect lighting and motion

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I need to instruct the user incase there is no proper lighting or user is moving too much due to which 3d model is not being placed.

Is there a way to do it ??

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  • lockhart Shirley
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    Error Message: If the lighting conditions are not adequate or if the user is moving too much for the 3D model to be properly placed, you can display an error message on the screen. This message should be clear and concise, informing the user of the issue.

    Instructions: Provide instructions on what the user can do to improve the situation. For example:

    "Please ensure you are in a well-lit area for better placement of the 3D model."

    "Try to hold your device steady to help with accurate placement."

    "Avoid excessive movement to stabilize the placement of the 3D model."

    Visual Cues: Use visual cues within the interface to guide the user. This could include highlighting areas of the screen or providing animations to demonstrate proper positioning or stabilization.

    Interactive Help: Implement interactive help features that the user can access for more detailed guidance on addressing the issue. This could be in the form of a tutorial or a step-by-step guide.

    Feedback Mechanism: Allow users to provide feedback if they are encountering difficulties. This can help you identify common issues and improve your instructions or system performance.

    By incorporating these elements into your application or interface, you can effectively instruct users when lighting conditions are poor or when excessive movement is affecting the placement of the 3D model.

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    @chico Thanks for posting on the forum. Here's some insights i got from our eng team:

    From app perspective they can show text or alert dialog as an instruction but there is no way to detct if user is actually following it or not.

    From lens perspective, if this is a lens where they are atracking a user, you could look for the various onTrackingLost events that are applicable to your type of tracking, and if they are losing tracking x times in a short period of time then you could display a modal saying "stay still or move to well lit environment" Similarly, if you need to place a 3D model in the world you could check for valid placement option and if that doesn't happen within x seconds, display the modal.


  • chico
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    I am more curious about how can I detect that there is insufficient lighting or the movement is too much of the user