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[v1.14.1] Camera Kit SDK v1.14.1 release

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The new Camera Kit SDK v1.14.1 is available directly from Maven Central and CocoaPods. Sample apps are now also hosted on Snapchat GitHub account.

List of changes in this SDK:


  • iOS: Add standard flash along with ring light for front-facing flash to sample (On Android, Ring light was already available in 1.13.0)
  • Android: New API to obtain the current version of the Camera Kit SDK
  • New tone-mapping and portrait camera adjustments
  • Add support for lenses with static assets
  • Lens Studio 4.22 support

Inclusive Camera

We are incredibly excited to share that we now have support for our first Inclusive Camera features in Camera Kit! We announced our initiative for creating a more Inclusive Camera for Snapchat in 2021. Inclusive Camera aims to improve the camera so that every person regardless of skin tone, culture, or ability can take a great picture. Ring Light and Tone work to improve low light flash capture and exposure so that our camera can start to account for all skin tones and undertones. You can integrate both Ring Light and Tone Mode features in your Camera Kit powered app, referencing the Camera Kit sample UI for guidance.

What does Inclusive Camera technology consist of?

  1. Ring Light - enables users to see their face in low light while capturing and improves the capabilities of the front-facing flash capture by allowing users to select which color temperature best matches their undertones. When a user enables Ring Light on the front-facing camera, a light border is shown that provides additional illumination and increases screen brightness.

  2. Tone Mode - designed to finetune exposure to better account for all skin tones. This is implemented in the CameraLayout UI with a toggle and slider gradient for selecting tone.

  3. Portrait Mode - blurs the background behind a person when they are the object of capture in the Camera.

You can utilize the UI in the sample app, or you can of course choose to implement it into your camera / app in the way that makes the most sense for your users.

Please check the Camera Kit docs page for integration guidelines.

Snap Camera Kit Team