[v4.25] Lens Studio Version 4.25 release

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Released July 14th, 2022

Release Notes


  • Similar to Hand Segmentation, Footwear Segmentation allows Lens Creators to segment effects within or around a user’s feet. In our Footwear Segmentation template, you will learn how to utilize the new segmentation feature to render unique effects.
  • The Body Morph template enables Lens Creators to morph the body of a user into another custom mesh which has the same UV map as the standard Body Mesh.
  • Lens Studio scripting now supports Script Modules in the Common JS format. By adopting this industry standard, and providing support for it in lenses, we are enabling professional JS development.

    • There is now a dedicated Script Modules category in the Asset Library.
  • Support for .glTF Physically Based Rendering extensions have been added, including transmission, clear coat and unlit extensions.


  • Custom Components have received the following improvements:

    • Creating ScreenTransforms at runtime will now have the same default values as creating them in Lens Studio.
    • Creating Visuals like Text or Image at runtime will now have automatic render order like creating them in Lens Studio.
    • Added ability to view and edit common parameters in inspector for multiple selected resources of different types.
  • We have updated our ASL Template with new animations, models and logic.


  • Fixed issue when VFX material can not be compiled after import from lso.
  • Fixed issue with colocated landmarks materials in Connected Template.
  • Fixed issue with render when Face Inset was duplicated.
  • Fixed Lens Studio crash when occluder material was re-added.
  • Fixed issue with Uber PBR material if Blend Mode was updated.
  • Fixed issue when overlay does not work because of Blend Mode from Post Effect.

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    New version not works for me when ever i open lens studio is shows blank lens studio window:/

  • Shreyansh Humane

    After update 4.25 lens studio not work for me ! @SnapAR after i open lens studio its blank nothing is there 💔 help me

  • john
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    I utilised a similar type of lens idea a few weeks ago, which you can see here. Hopefully, this one will be as as exciting as what you described.

  • Augment Design

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Vintendo Power
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    is anyone having any luck with these updates?

    seems that each time i try to make a simple snap with a pic attached to the face it shows up fine in the mobile apps but on the snap camera pc app it Shows up Black and purple.

    Anyway to get the older version that worked before all this started ?

    all the recent versions that claim to fix it are not working. Still show black and Purple on the Snap Camera windows app

    Appears to happen when using PNG file for texture

  • S 🤎🤩


  • سعد الفريدي
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    Thank you for sharing this.

  • eara monta

  • Allan
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    Makes using lens studio so much easier . YAY!

  • @SAQIB said:
    New version not works for me when ever i open lens studio is shows blank lens studio window:/

    Im having the same problem
    Meanwhile you can use lens studio old versions
    Im using v1.7.1 but publishing lens doesn’t work

  • zain909

    i also use this kind of item here. you can have a look

  • zain909

    I am thinking to use this on my other phone too