[v1.15.1] Camera Kit SDK v1.15.1 release

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We have just released new Camera Kit SDK v1.15.1 to Maven Central and CocoaPods. Sample apps are also hosted on Snapchat GitHub account.

List of changes in this SDK:


  • Lens Studio 4.25 support
  • Android: New method to apply a lens while resetting its state if the lens was applied already. Useful for cases where app resume from background or other screen should reset lens state matching Snapchat-like behavior. Usage example:
    session.lenses.processor.apply(lens, reset = true)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Improve ArCore performance
  • Android: Fix possible crash when internal remote service is not available.
  • Android: Fix crash when switching ArCore powered lenses (introduced in v1.15)

Please check the Camera Kit docs page for integration guidelines.


Snap Camera Kit Team