Camera Kit - Terms and Conditions Modal

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I have a quick question I was hoping you could provide some clarity on: based on a quick reading of the documentation seems to suggest that when integrating Camera Kit there would be a mandatory pop up on launching the camera that reads:

“By using Lenses, you acknowledge reading Snap’s Privacy Policy and agree to Snap’s Terms of Service. Some Lenses use information about your face, hands and voice to work. Learn More, and if you want to agree and continue, tap below.”

Can I double-check that this is correct and that there is an expectation that we would need to allow this modal to pop up in our app / integratable SDK if we chose to use CameraKit in a production setting?

It would be pretty detrimental to our app’s UX to disrupt the user as they launch the camera to start creating, so wanted to make sure we understood this obligation as it’s likely hard for us to justify. We can definitely include a prompt when a user initially signs up, but wouldn’t want to block launching the capture screen with this.

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