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I think it would be interesting to be able to send the lenses that we test before publishing to people via a link or something else.

Currently we have the snapcode to connect to Lens Studio and it is linked to a single account.

I think being able to send our lens to be tested by someone we choose will give us another view.

Yes we could just use the lens and send a snap and ask for feedback or we could log out of Lens Studio and let someone log in via the snapcode but that's not a practical thing

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  • juicyhackerr
    juicyhackerr Posts: 16 🔥

    Hi @Maxime Cabrol

    It is possible to let multiple people scan the snap code to link devices!

  • Jasnoor Singh
    Jasnoor Singh Posts: 8
    edited June 2022 #3

    Totally agreed what @Maxime Cabrol said, when doing client work or personal lens, it is something much needed. Lens studio have option to link multiple device by scanning snapcode but it is a lengthy process keeping client's perspective in mind.

    @Jasnoor Singh