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Currently the pressing the volume buttons on iphone or android while using a lens causes a snap to be taken. This means that the volume of a lens is not adjustable while using it. In order to adjust the volume you have to exit the lens, guess at the volume you want, go back into the lens to see if the volume is correct, and back and forth until you get it right.

For most lenses this is not a big deal since the audio is short, background and looping. However, for narrative audio or non-looping audio or songs, this is a big problem.

Please revise this feature so that the phone volumen buttons adjust the volume of the audio while in a lens.

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  • Hi I have updated to the latest Snapchat and now I am unable to use my volume button on my iPhone to take a selfie which is what I was doing before

  • Now we can’t take snaps with the volume buttons. Thanks for ruining this feature loser.

  • Rick
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    Prioritizing lenses that I would bet the majority of users do not use over such a widely used feature, one could even argue a standard in apps that take pictures, is a very, very poor decision.

  • Since last update can not use volume buttons to take a selfie keep reporting it, never get any reply

  • Karen
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    I’m so having this problem too.. any suggestions?

  • Any luck resolving this problem?

  • I am facing same problem.. I use my back camera To get selfies with volume button... but All sudden volume button is not letting me Take photos..how to resolve this issue