Scripting cheat sheet :)

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Hi all! I am collecting pieces of script to easily access without going through the docs to copy paste, let me know if this is helpful and feel free to add more snippets in the comments :)

Catch custom Trigger that is sent from Behaviour script and call my_function

global.behaviorSystem.addCustomTriggerResponse("my_custom_Trigger", my_function);

Sends a custom trigger to behaviour scripts in inspektor


This makes the function global and visible for other components to call it

script.api.nameOfMyFunction = function(){   }

Update function

var Update_event = script.createEvent("UpdateEvent");
Update_event.bind(function (eventData)
    //do stuff here, happens EVERY FRAME use carefully

Bind a function to the tap event.

Other event types:

var touchEvent = script.createEvent("TapEvent");

//Delay/wait function

var delayedEvent = script.createEvent("DelayedCallbackEvent");
    //Do stuff here // call other functions etc 
delayedEvent.reset(2);  // exchange 2 with amount of seconds to delay

ForEach Loop through array

for(var i = 0; i < script.myArray.length; i++){
    script.myArray[i].enabled = true;

Shift arrays:

//shift right ONLY 1 POSITION

//shift left ONLY 1 POSITION

//shift array more than 1 position requires a while loop
var i = null;
var shiftAmount = 3;

while (i < shiftAmount){

Clear the current material and add a new one

//@Input Asset.Material myMaterial


Play animated texture on Image

//@input Component.Image,0);

Get a component of a scene Object (here a Image)


Sets a new texture

script.myImage.mainPass.baseTex = script.myTexture;

Checks camera type

if (global.scene.getCameraType() == "back" ){}// oder "front"

Get Child obj from MySceneObj with index starting from 0

var MyScneObject_Child = script.MySceneObj.getChild(0);

Gets a random number between 1 and 10 - You can change the numbers

var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10) + 1;


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    Create an AudioComponent on this sceneObject and set the audio track + some audio controls

    //@input Asset.AudioTrackAsset myAudio
    //create new audio component and set the track
    myAudioComponent = script.getSceneObject().createComponent("Component.AudioComponent");
    myAudioComponent.audioTrack = script.myAudio;;   //play once;  //play in a loop
    //If it is already playing, stop
    // Set a callback for when the sound stops playing
        print("sound finished playing");
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    Change material properties:

    (in this example i change the color of the Confetti VFX / particle material from the Asset Library, works for every material tho)

    //@input vec3 myParticleColor_Start {"widget":"color"}
    //@input vec3 myParticleColor_End {"widget":"color"}
    //@input Asset.Material Particle_material
    script.Particle_material.mainPass.colorStart = script.myParticleColor_Start;
    script.Particle_material.mainPass.colorEnd = script.myParticleColor_End;
    //other property example:
    script.Particle_material.mainPass.spawnMaxParticles = 200; 

    Hover over the property in the material to get the Property name you need after ...mainPass.

    You can easily animate (most of?) this parameters with a TweenValue helper script if you select : "On Update Callback" -> "Set Material Parameter".

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    Thank you Ines! This was very helpful

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    Do you have more of these buttons?
    I want new shapes, please ..


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    Hey @Ines Hilz

    Thank You for this.

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    call a global function from annywhere:


    The global function:

    global.myGlobalFunction = function(){   
        print("im here");
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    Function to calculate the distance between two Vec3:

    function CalcDistance(Vec1, Vec2){
        distX = Vec2.x - Vec1.x;
        distY = Vec2.y - Vec1.y;
        distZ = Vec2.z - Vec1.z;
        distance = Math.sqrt(distX * distX + distY * distY + distZ * distZ);
        return distance;
    var distance = CalcDistance(Point1, Point2);
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    Scripting snapchat native hints that get translated in all languages:

    Create a dropdown to choose a hint in the inspector:
    ```//@input string hintId {"widget":"combobox","values":[{"label":"Raise your hand","value":"lens_hint_show_your_hand"},{"label":"Aim camera at the sky","value":"lens_hint_aim_camera_at_the_sky"},{"label":"Blow a kiss","value":"lens_hint_blow_a_kiss"},{"label":"Blow a kiss voice changer","value":"lens_hint_blow_a_kiss_voice_changer"},{"label":"Come closer","value":"lens_hint_come_closer"},{"label":"Do not smile","value":"lens_hint_do_not_smile"},{"label":"Do not try with a friend","value":"lens_hint_do_not_try_with_a_friend"},{"label":"Draw with your finger","value":"lens_hint_draw_with_your_finger"},{"label":"Find face","value":"lens_hint_find_face"},{"label":"Find image","value":"lens_hint_find_image"},{"label":"Find marker","value":"lens_hint_find_marker"},{"label":"Find snapcode","value":"lens_hint_find_snapcode"},{"label":"Kiss","value":"lens_hint_kiss"},{"label":"Kiss again","value":"lens_hint_kiss_again"},{"label":"Look around","value":"lens_hint_look_around"},{"label":"Look down","value":"lens_hint_look_down"},{"label":"Look left","value":"lens_hint_look_left"},{"label":"Look right","value":"lens_hint_look_right"},{"label":"Look up","value":"lens_hint_look_up"},{"label":"Make some noise!","value":"lens_hint_make_some_noise"},{"label":"Move your head","value":"lens_hint_move_your_head"},{"label":"Nod your head","value":"lens_hint_nod_your_head"},{"label":"Now kiss","value":"lens_hint_now_kiss"},{"label":"Now open your mouth","value":"lens_hint_now_open_your_mouth"},{"label":"Now raise your eyebrows","value":"lens_hint_now_raise_your_eyebrows"},{"label":"Now smile","value":"lens_hint_now_smile"},{"label":"Open your mouth","value":"lens_hint_open_your_mouth"},{"label":"Open your mouth again","value":"lens_hint_open_your_mouth_again"},{"label":"Open your mouth voice changer","value":"lens_hint_open_your_mouth_voice_changer"},{"label":"Pick a face","value":"lens_hint_pick_a_face"},{"label":"Pick a photo","value":"lens_hint_pick_a_photo"},{"label":"Pick an image","value":"lens_hint_pick_an_image"},{"label":"Raise your eyebrows","value":"lens_hint_raise_your_eyebrows"},{"label":"Raise your eyebrows again","value":"lens_hint_raise_your_eyebrows_again"},{"label":"Raise your eyebrows or open your mouth","value":"lens_hint_raise_eyebrows_or_open_mouth"},{"label":"Raise your eyebrows voice changer","value":"lens_hint_raise_your_eyebrows_voice_changer"},{"label":"Rotate your phone","value":"lens_hint_rotate_your_phone"},{"label":"Say something","value":"lens_hint_say_something"},{"label":"Smile","value":"lens_hint_smile"},{"label":"Smile again","value":"lens_hint_smile_again"},{"label":"Smile voice changer","value":"lens_hint_smile_voice_changer"},{"label":"Swap camera","value":"lens_hint_swap_camera"},{"label":"Tap a surface","value":"lens_hint_tap_a_surface"},{"label":"Tap ground to place","value":"lens_hint_tap_ground_to_place"},{"label":"Tap surface to place","value":"lens_hint_tap_surface_to_place"},{"label":"Tap the ground","value":"lens_hint_tap_ground"},{"label":"Tap!","value":"lens_hint_tap"},{"label":"Tilt your head","value":"lens_hint_tilt_your_head"},{"label":"Try it with a friend","value":"lens_hint_try_friend"},{"label":"Try it with your rear camera","value":"lens_hint_try_rear_camera"},{"label":"Turn around","value":"lens_hint_turn_around"},{"label":"Voice changer","value":"lens_hint_voice_changer"},{"label":"Walk through the door","value":"lens_hint_walk_through_the_door"}]}

    if (!script.initialized) {
    script.hintComponent = script.getSceneObject().createComponent("Component.HintsComponent");

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    This is not Lens Studio specific but heres a thread on the Javascript basics

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    I'm continuing this cheat sheet on GitHub! Feel free to contribute :)
    -> Lens studio JavaScript scripting cheat sheet

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    Added a bunch of Mini scripts that might be usefull (also the script cheat sheet is still there ; )

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    Using machine learning to detect specific objects in the camera view and apply an effect or overlay.

    // load object detection model
    var model = loadModel("model.tflite");
    // detect objects
    var objects = detectObjects(model);
    // check if a specific object is detected
    if (objects.length > 0) {
      for (var i = 0; i < objects.length; i++) {
        if (objects[i].class == "dog") {
          // apply overlay or effect
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    Applies different filters on the user's face based on different facial expressions.

    // detect faces
    var face = detectFaces();
    // check if a face is detected
    if (face.length > 0) {
       // check the facial expression
       if(face[0].expression.smiling > 0.5){
          // apply a smile filter
       else if(face[0].expression.wink_left > 0.5 || face[0].expression.wink_right > 0.5){
          // apply a wink filter
       else if(face[0].expression.eye_closed_left > 0.5 || face[0].expression.eye_closed_right > 0.5){
          // apply a closed eye filter