ML Object detection / tracking - how to make a custom .onnx file?

Ines Hilz
Ines Hilz Posts: 38 🔥

Hi all! :)

I am wildly fascinated by the ML features, and made some object detection experiments with the coco datasets before.

Now clients are asking for specific objects, like statues, or a product packaging.
For the latter i prepared a dataset with these tools:

but the formats that i was able to export there didn't match with Lens studio.
With Lobe i can even export a .ONNX or a .PB file, but if i place it in Lens Studio, i get this error messages:

.onnx :
Resource import for … failed: ONNX model Conv layer converter does not support padding mode NOTSET

Resource import for … failed: Unable to parse TensorFlow proto.

Did anyone manage to make a custom ML Detection yet? If so, how??
Thanks !