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Karishma Posts: 2
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I have always wonder to create some amazing experience for bitmoji of mine and others.
It would be grate if this could be accessible for us to create some experience with bitmoji.

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  • Dheeraj Tibrewal
    Dheeraj Tibrewal Posts: 24 🔥

    Great Idea

  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 542 👻

    @Karishma Interesting... Do you mean to create with Bitmoji within Lens Studio? Or an app? Cause there is Sticker Kit available:

  • Karishma
    Karishma Posts: 2
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    Hey @sxu great to know about Sticket kit but my idea is about to have accessibility for using bitmoji while creating lens in lens studio just like we have capability to use smart name (snap user name or id) in same way if we can have bitmoji customisation too in lens studio like projecting specific action for everyone's bitmoji or may be we can use some pre define poses that can be taken by every user bitmoji while experiencing the ar lens.

  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 542 👻

    @Karishma OH! I understand now. Okay thank you for sharing this. Will share with the team to review. We are still early stages in operating the forum so please do give us time to get back to you on this. Thank you!