Is it possible to keep the scene object after the marker is lost?



I would like to build an AR animation that is based on marker tracking. I have started off the Marker Tracking template and I would like the AR animation to keep going even when the marker is lost. Basically, I want to use the Marker only as a first trigger and keep the scene and the animation regardless of the fact that the marker is still on screen or not. Is It possible to achieve that?

I have tried to removed the call of the onMarkerLost api from the MarkerController script but it did not work. When the marker is lost, the scene gets removed anyway.



  • Max
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    Yes! The ExtendedMarkerTracking script in the Asset Library does this :)
    The script is made for Spectacles, because it's better for performance to stop tracking the image marker once it has been found and instead rely on World Tracking. But you can use (and tweak) this script a bit for your project! Hope this helps.