[Important Update] Submit for Snap Kit App Review Required

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We hope you are enjoying developing with Camera Kit and delivering AR experiences to your users.

As a reminder, Snap reviews all apps that seek to integrate with Snap Kit prior to enabling integration for public use. After adding an app in the Snap Kit Developer Portal and testing your application in developer mode, you will need to Submit for Review before your integration will be available in the Production Environment. You can test your app in a Developer Environment without approval; but, you must receive approval from Snap in order to release your integration to users.

You can learn more about the review process at https://docs.snap.com/snap-kit/app-review/overview, with specific requirements for Camera Kit at https://docs.snap.com/snap-kit/camera-kit/release/releasing-your-app.

You can follow these steps to move a version from Staging to Production:

  1. Login to Snap Kit developer portal: https://snapkit.com/manage and select the app you want to move to Production
  2. Make sure you are using Production API token for production app, and Staging API token for debug app. These tokens do not change with any version of the app in the Snap Kit developer portal.
  3. If there is an approved version which has Camera Kit enabled in it, then in the Production Version dropdown menu select this approved version. It’s recommended you use different versions in Production and Staging.
  4. If there is no approved version which has Camera Kit enabled in it then follow these steps:
    a. If you haven't already, from the menu in the left click on the “+ New Version” button, give it a version name and clone the version which has Camera Kit enabled
    b. Submit the version which has Camera Kit enabled for Review
    c. Once this version is approved, follow step 2 and 3.

❗We will be adapting our rate limiting thresholds to capture apps with high traffic that have not submitted for Snap Kit App Review and switched to Production API Token. Please complete these tasks when you are ready to go from Staging to Production to ensure your CamKit integration is not affected.❗

If you have any questions about how to do this or any feedback on this process, please connect with us here.

The Camera Kit Team