Delay as node sub-graph?

Ines Hilz
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Hi all :)
I am using this script as a custom node in my visual scripts to delay an event:

// DelayedCall.js
// @input float delay
// @output execution callback
if (script.callback) {
    var evt = script.createEvent("DelayedCallbackEvent");

but if i export my visual script and import it into other projects, this custom delay node always gets deleted an is only visible as an empty custom node.
So i want to rebuild this script in nodes so it will get exported correctly in future projects.
But how?
( I'd attach a picture here of the nodes i already tried, but the forum doesn't allow me anymore :c @sxu
I uploaded it on the old forum : )

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  • stevenxu
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    @Ines Hilz This is a bug and there's a fix in progress for it.

    In the meantime, here's a fix provided by one of our team members: