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I gotta be honest, I'm pretty confused here. Navigating posts is tough, and I never feel confident when I'm creating my own posts. Even making this is causing me grief. I never know what category my posts belong to.

For example when I go to select the category for this post these are my dropdown options...

Feature Requests

Feature Requests > Feature Request

Feature Requests > Feedback & Requests

Feature Requests > Feature

...and here is what they correspond to...

Home > Snap Kit > Feature Requests

Home > Snap AR > Lens Studio > Feature Requests

Home > Snap AR > Camera Kit > Feature Requests

Home > Snap AR > Spectacles > Feature Requests

Maybe this is all explained somewhere, but I can't find it and the Forum FAQ is no help. At the very least can we update the FAQ?

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    Kevando Posts: 76 🔥🔥

    And when I hit enter in the "Tags" input field, it shouldn't submit my entire post! Sheesh