hi, please how can i adapt my screen images objects to all phones ?


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    The "Screen Image" object in Lens Studio is a special type of 3D object that is designed to be used as a screen image, which means it will always be the same size on the screen, regardless of the device's screen size. This can be useful for creating user interfaces, buttons, or other on-screen elements.

    When you use a "Screen Image" object, you can set its size and position properties in the "Transform" tab. The size is set in pixels, so you can set it to a specific size that you want it to be on the screen regardless of the device's screen size. It also has a property called "Scale With Screen Size" that will scale the object based on the screen size, this could be useful for some UI elements that need to adjust the size based on the screen size.

    Use the "Screen Image" object and combine it with other methods such as the "Canvas", "Screen Transform", and "Screen Anchors" components, you can create interfaces that are properly scaled and positioned on all devices.

    Please note that you should always test your lens on different devices to ensure that it works as expected on all devices.