Snap Camera 1.20 for Windows

I was curious if anyone else here is having a problem with Snap Camera for windows all of a sudden not working. As of the last week or so, my camera looks very dark (low brightness) and I keep having to change it every time. I also noticed none of my filters or lenses so and are not clickable anymore (even my favorites).


  • I'm also facing this same issue for the last 1 week on for window. I don't know what is the main problem nowadays!!

  • It no longer works, because they discontinued support for Snap Camera. We can't even use existing lenses or favorites, anymore. They must've decided it was not worth pursuing, or perhaps they're going to sell it as SaaS. Certainly someone will, since Snap has created a market for PC users.

    I searched for several hours before I found this info buried on their site, somewhere. And no, the new browser version of Snapchat does NOT support virtual cameras and there will be no more using Snap with our webcams, unless we're using Snap. People like me will still be able to use Lens Studio, NDI and/or OBS Studio to do the same thing, but officially, it can no longer be done. I look forward to seeing them regret dropping a user base, like this. Live video filters will be less gimmick and more practical, soon, with AI features everyone will use to hide wrinkles, bald spots, change hair color, add a beard and lots more. Someone will make a lot of money in this market. Apparently not Snap.

    This may sound ridiculous, but you can verify it yourself.


  • Ill take your word for it. I assumed they dropped support once the Edge version was available. Anyone have any recommendations for streamers? I used it with funny lenses while I streamed my gaming.

  • Any other recommendations?

  • Same problem here bro.

  • Any luck anyone?

  • Found a fix on youtube.