Downloading an older version of Lens Studio

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Where can I download older versions of Lens Studio?

Since there is a slight lag + mismatch of Lens Studio <> CameraKit compatibility, I need to downgrade / install an older version (4.19.x) in order to continue development of my lenses.

Issue is, I couldn't find a way to download an older version of Lens Studio (only newest - 4.22.0 is available online).

Any one have an idea on how to approach this? Maybe a hidden section I'm not aware about?

Thank you!!



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    @Roy - Please check your inbox for next steps!

    At the time of this writing, there isn't a way to download an older version. It is an item our team is actively working on and I can update this thread when it is ready.

    In the meantime, our workaround to this is 1:1. For other early access CamKit developers running into this, you can tag me in this thread or you can reach out to the support team linked in your onboarding email. B)


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    [Update 08/01/2022]

    Visit to download an older version of Lens Studio if needed.

  • Can i download lens studio on vivo y20

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    @sarabgill1451 If vivo y20 is a mobile device, then no you cannot unfortunately.