How to delete a lens folder?

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Hi, I'm the admin of all lens folders in my organizations account. How can I delete lens folders?
We use camera kit btw



  • ForumChris
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    Hello Artiphon,

    This is not currently possible but is on our roadmap. We will report back when this is released.

  • Thanks for the response. For more context, when some one creates a folder by mistake, or a folder is no longer useful, we are not able to delete it. The result is an increasingly unmanageable folder structure, currently 20. To make maters worse, there is not way to move lenses from one folder to another. So our lenses are spread across multiple folders. And even worse, we can't rename the folders. It's become veeery confusing for the team.
    Is there a way we can clean up the folders manually in the back-end with your team, as a one time thing?