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Remote Service Module API Issue

AliveNow Creative Tech
AliveNow Creative Tech Posts: 20 🔥
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i have created a new API with platform as CAMERA _KIT in the asset library ,it works and gets response in lens studio workspace but when i test in the snapchat app it gives error with different statuscode,also i have tested it in the camera kit but dint get any response not even error,so please help

Lens ID:7be84c2c-fe68-4b62-a640-04d709d2ac47



  • Mark Sherriff

    I have experienced the same issue. Only on Android, the lens is receiving an empty response (no status code, no body, just {}). Have you fixed this issue @AliveNow Creative Tech ?

  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 612 👻

    @Mark Sherriff Thanks for posting on the forum! Apologies you're having this issue.. let me help take a look with our eng team. Could you share the following info:

    • Issue summary: Details of the steps taken to produce the issue
    • Lens Name : if applicable
    • Lens ID: if applicable
    • Lens Studio Version
    • Device Models affected
    • Camera Kit SDK Version
    • Staging or Production
  • Mark Sherriff

    Hey @stevenxu

    • Issue summary: Only on Android, after successfully receiving a request from the lens we try to send back a response and the lens is receiving an empty response (no status code, no body, just {}).

    I am logging this value on the lens side and seeing that the whole response is empty. Is response received in lens totally different from android camera kit?

    I have followed the camera kit remote api class in the sample code and documentation to the exact measure. I have successfully integrated the remote api with iOS and receive a response with everything.

    Here is a google drive video in which I've described my issue in detail and demonstrated my finds: []

    • Lens name: Applies to any of the lenses I've published but here's one: base_2.13 (all my lenses are hidden)
    • Lens id: 0b2c7b09-86da-4a17-8c87-a598b0fa713f
      *** Lens studio version**: 4.40.1

    • Device Models affected: android only

    • Camera kit sdk version: 1.21.0
    • Affected within Staging and production
  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 612 👻

    @Mark Sherriff Thank you for the speed and detailed post!!!

    Confirming I've created a ticket for our eng to look into this. Hoping to get you an update / next steps by Friday...

    Hang tight as our team is pretty swamped this week. Appreciate your patience in advance!!

  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 612 👻
    edited April 2023 #6

    @Mark Sherriff Apologies for the delay here! This is on me.

    If this is still an issue, the team is asking if you could send us your Lens project or code snippet to investigate further. I'll open a direct message channel with you to share this privately.

    Thanks for your patience.