How to put a 2D design on a bottle

Hi, I am new to Snap AR and wanted to create a very simple lens that shows different carousel designs on a bottle. So in other words, I want my camera to detect the bottle and then show me how the chosen 2D design looks on the surface of that bottle. (There are a total of 10 designs and hence I thought a carousel will be good).

Which template is best for this sort of lens?


  • Hey you have to use marker tracker to detect track something on bottle, if bottle has label it would ideal to track. Then use have to 3d model a bottle and texture it with 2d on that part and other area with basic material (use that material as occluder In lens studio). Match the size of the 3d bottle with real bottle. Load all 3d model in carousel or use script to change texture of 3d model.

  • Thanks so much! this is very helpful. What if I dont have a 3D model of the bottle, is there another way around this problem?

  • nope you have to 3d model it or 3d scan it. or find something from sketchfab. if you are 3d scanning try to avoid reflections on the bottle