Is the code for obtaining text available

const Scene = require('Scene');

const myText = Scene.root.findFirst('myText');

myText.text = "Hello World!";

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    Hi Bowen!
    If you're trying to edit a Text Component from the Script, you can do this;

    Add a Screen Text (this creates a Orthographic camera)

    Add the Script component to the Orthographic Camera

    Click the red area and select the plus icon next to "Search". Select "Script"

    Copy this code into the Script

    // @input Component.Text text
    script.text.text = "changed text from code"

    Last step is to select your text layer in the Orthographic Camera.

    Link to Google Drive


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    كل عام وانت بخير

  • audun
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    Hi @bowen wang,
    Are you trying to change the text from a Script?

    If so:

    Create a Script file and add the Component.Text input.

    // @input Component.Text text
    script.text.text = "changed text from code"

    Create a Screen Text like below.

    Add a Script to the Orthographic Camera

    In the Orthographic Camera, select the Text component you want to update

    You can download the project here.