Custom Location/Landmarker Reset on Tap - Why?


There is a strange action with the Custom Location/Landmarkers, when you tap the screen of touchpad on Spectacles the landmarker seems to reset.
The mesh will disappear and content will move from the location until the landmarker is found again.
Why is this?
Am I missing some setting to disable this?
It is seriously limiting the interactivity we can put into custom landmarker locations as everytime the user taps they must relocate.


  • Andrew Deutsch

    I'm not sure if this is the same bug, but when I've tapped on the landmarker mesh, this happens. That's happening for me on the phone. Are you tapping the landmarker mesh?
    Hopefully they'll set the landmarker mesh so it can't be interacted with.
    Also, I'm a big fan of your work! I shared some of it at my meetup a couple of weeks ago.

  • mechpil0t

    Cool! Thanks for sharing :)
    I got some feedback from the devs. Apparently the custom landmarkers are linked to Snapchat's default touch events. So to solve my problem I just needed to add
    global.touchSystem.touchBlocking = true;
    to any script and its solved :D
    I feel like a fool for not checking the touch blocking documents haha hey ho
    I still don't know why this would be a feature, seems to have only downsides