AR try on for non-sneakers - Boots?

yc Posts: 41 🔥

Has anyone used the Footwear AR framework to AR try on boots? It seems to only work for sneakers.

Just curious about better methods for AR try on for taller shoes?


  • Abhinav Setia⭐
    Abhinav Setia⭐ Posts: 32 🔥

    It work on taller shoes as well just need to work on it...using Blender..

  • yc
    yc Posts: 41 🔥

    yes, we custom modeled the shoes, but the tracking seems oriented around the foot, so for taller boots, when the heel and the legs do not align, tracking issues occur

  • I haven't personally tried the Footwear AR framework for trying on boots, but I understand your curiosity about exploring better methods for AR try-ons, especially for taller shoes like boots. While some AR frameworks may initially focus on sneakers, there are ways to adapt and enhance the experience for trying on other types of shoes, including boots and even rep shoes.

    One approach is to work with developers or companies that specialize in AR technology to create custom solutions for boot try-ons. By tailoring the AR experience to fit taller shoes, you can ensure a more accurate representation of how the boots will look and fit on the user's feet.

    Additionally, leveraging advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms can help improve the precision and realism of the AR try-on experience. These technologies can accurately detect foot shapes and adapt the virtual boots accordingly, providing users with a more immersive and realistic try-on session.

    Moreover, collaborating with footwear brands or retailers that offer rep shoes can expand the options available for AR try-ons. Working with such brands can enhance the diversity of shoe styles and sizes accessible to users, ensuring a broader range of choices for boot try-ons within the AR platform.

    Keep in mind that as AR technology continues to advance, more frameworks and tools will likely become available to support a variety of shoe types, including boots and rep shoes. It's an exciting time for augmented reality, and I'm certain that with ongoing developments, we'll see even more innovative and inclusive solutions for trying on different types of footwear in the future.