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Loading local .lns?

aidan Posts: 32 🔥


Is it possible to load an .lns into Camera Kit without Lens Cloud and if so how can it be done? I see there is an lns in the sample project but no references of how it might actually be used.



  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 612 👻

    @aidan Thanks for posting on the forum. Confirming receipt and created a ticket (4734) for our eng team to check. Hang tight!

  • ForumChris
    ForumChris Posts: 23 👻

    Hey @aidan. Unfortunately, that isn't possible and they need to be delivered via the Camera Kit portal. That Lens is included as part of the sample apps to know that the view is working when your online Lenses are not delivered. It is delivered through some internal settings that are not able to enable at this time.

    However, we have received confusion around this Lens and are going to be removing it in a future release.

  • aidan
    aidan Posts: 32 🔥

    Okay thanks for the reply! If this ever opens up as a feature let me know