What is a good place to start learning web development, specifically for Camera Kit?

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I have little experience developing for web, and I'm a bit lost where to start with setting up a website that would support Camera Kit.

Does Cam Kit work with NodeJS only, or is it compatible with other environments as well?
And would you have recommendation for a tutorial on setting up a base website where Camera Kit can be implemented?

Any pointers would be super helpful.


  • JacekC
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    Considering so many options that are available for web development it's difficult to advise one solution. Technology might also depend on the complexity of your product. I would probably start with learning more about ReactJS and follow the tutorials for development and deployments.

    For Camera Kit implementation, you can try the beginners tutorial that should give you a working example: https://docs.snap.com/camera-kit/quick-start/integrate-sdk/integrate-sdk-web/guides/camera-kit-web-for-beginners

  • realHabibilyas
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    To start learning web development for Camera Kit, you can explore various options beyond just NodeJS. Camera Kit compatibility extends to other environments too. For setting up a base website with Camera Kit implementation, you can find helpful tutorials on platforms like Snap's official documentation or other web development resources.