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Introducing Open-Source Flutter Sample App Code

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We are excited to share open-source code for Camera Kit with Flutter. This sample app showcases how to integrate Camera Kit in a Flutter app. It uses Flutter's wrapper MethodChannel to invoke Camera Kit APIs in native Android and iOS. It is not an exhaustive app that shows neither how to fully customize Camera Kit nor it provides wrapper to every single Camera Kit API. However, it shows how you can quickly integrate Camera Kit into your own Flutter app with the default UX that Camera Kit provides.

Thanks to developers who have shared their solutions with fellow community members, demonstrating the need for code samples such as this to be shared! We hope this helps point you in the right direction, and always feel free to field the forum for other solutions from the community.

Link to repo:

Support and Feedback
This repository is intended to serve as sample code. It is not an actively maintained or ongoing project. Rather, we provide it as open-source code that you may adapt to your needs. You are welcome to fork this repo, up/downvote community forks, but we will not be accepting PRs. We ask that you use this Camera Kit Community Forum for help from Snap and the broader developer community.

Known Limitations
You still need knowledge of native Android and iOS development to customize this application.

We are looking forward to seeing what you build!
The Camera Kit Team