Is Snap Camera Kit free to integrate? Pricing expectations? Moving out of BETA.

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we are moving into 2024, is the Snap Camera Kit moving out of Beta?
Are there indications today of pricing to come?
If the Camera Kit doesn't make to an official release (or if the Beta is planned to be sunset), how much time will be given for us to move to another platform?



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    @stevenxu please have a look, thank you!

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    We are very committed to the Camera Kit platform and its stability and will continue to make investments to improve it. Just recently, we introduced Long Term Support releases to ensure that the SDK can be maintained over a longer time period without the need to upgrade to the newest version every 6 weeks. We don’t intend to charge for Camera Kit while we look to understand the value it drives for consumers and our partners. In the event of updates to our policy, we will provide advanced notice to allow enough time to plan accordingly.