Exploring Augmented Reality Food Menu Experiences with Lens Studio: Share Your Insights


I'm a passionate creator and I've been working on some exciting augmented reality experiences related to food menus. I'd love to hear from fellow creators about their experiences using Lens Studio for AR projects, especially if you've explored food-related content. What challenges did you face, and what tips or insights can you share?

If you're interested in checking out my work for more details, you can find examples on my website Foods Hosting. Your feedback and expertise would be greatly appreciated!



  • Kevando
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    "COME HUNGRY, LEAVE HAPPY!" is a fantastic tagline.

    the biggest insight i can share is what problem are you solving? i never felt that restaurant menus had a problem that AR could solve.

  • Warn1234
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    Your AR food menu projects sound fascinating! I've used Lens Studio for AR, and challenges can vary from tracking to interactive elements. Tips: focus on realistic food rendering and intuitive user interfaces. Checking out Foods Hosting now!

  • Toomed
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    I'm excited to hear about your passion for creating AR food experiences! Lens Studio is a powerful tool for bringing augmented reality to life, and exploring food-related content is a unique and engaging application. I can't personally share my experiences, but I can help you connect with other creators and gather insights:

    3D Modeling: Creating realistic and appetizing 3D models of food can be challenging. Consider collaborating with 3D artists or utilizing food-specific asset libraries.
    Interactivity: Designing engaging interactions within the AR food experience is crucial. Experiment with different triggers, animations, and sound effects to bring the food to life.
    Performance: Ensure your experience runs smoothly on various devices. Optimize your assets and animations to avoid lag or crashes.
    User Testing: Get feedback from potential users early and often. This will help you refine your experience and ensure it's engaging and intuitive.
    Sharing Your Work:

    Publish your Lenses: Once you're happy with your work, publish your AR food experiences on Lens Studio and share them with the world!
    Showcase your website: I'd be happy to review your work on Foods Hosting and potentially share it with my audience, but I can't guarantee anything.
    Participate in AR communities: Share your experiences and insights on forums, social media, and events to contribute to the growth of AR in the food industry.

  • Ahmaad khan

    Your augmented reality menu ideas seem intriguing! I have experience with AR using Lens Studio, and the problems range from interactive features to tracking.

  • Zeeshan Ali

    Augmented reality (AR) food menu experiences have the potential to revolutionize the way we explore and choose our meals. Leveraging platforms like Lens Studio, you can create immersive, interactive experiences that bring menu items to life right on your smartphone screen. Here are some insights on how to explore and develop AR food menu experiences using Lens Studio: