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Hello CameraKit Team!

It's me again. I was going over the documents on how to submit an app for approval and I have a few questions.

  1. Where do I submit for approval? I found in the documentation what I need to submit but I am not sure where do I submit these documents: (SOLVED BELOW)

  2. Regarding the Production Token: I have a token already in my developer dashboard, can I integrate that token ASAP or do I have to wait for the app to be approved to integrate it? What comes first?

  3. Is there any documentation that I could be following about submission and live app cycle?

  4. Versions in the developer portal: Once my app gets approve do I create a new version? Or this is only in cases my app changes radically? I am not sure I know exactly what versions stands for.

  5. Privacy Policy URL: Is this mandatory?

1. Found where to submit the app. If someone else is looking for it, in the Developer portal/Apps/ In the app list where it says Production Status/ Click on version "unset" and selecting the version is possible to add the information for submission.

Thank you all again for being so helpful and responsive.

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    @aestarita Thanks for posting on the forum (and closing / updating #1).

    1. You gotta wait for it to be approved. It won't work without the approval.
    2. Not sure I fully understand this question. Try this doc
    3. No need to create a new version. You can use the version that got approved to move forward with production!
    4. Yes per our docs here.

    Great questions!



    Has your review process been completed successfully? Mine is still pending approval, and the extended wait has been quite distressing.

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    @WENBANG LEI mine was approved, but it was a really straightforward implementation and I did a “step by step” video so it was clear when and where the SDK was implemented. I assume if your app is more complex it might take more time. How long ago did you send? I know that it only counts business days, so if it was right before the start of the weekend that could add time.