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[v1.30.0 LTS] 📱 Camera Kit Mobile SDK release

stevenxu Posts: 612 👻

We released new versions of the mobile SDK, in addition to other platform updates:

Lens Portal Unification: We are streamlining our developer tools and making it as easy as possible to manage your Snap integrations. As part of this effort, we have added the ability to manage your Camera Kit Lenses within the My Lenses Portal at This functionality mimics what’s currently available in the Camera Kit Portal ( Simply navigate to My Lenses, where you will see a Camera Kit section with the option to select ‘Lens Scheduler’ or ‘Apps’. When clicking on the “Lens Scheduler” or “Apps” dropdown, you will have the same experience that you currently have in the Camera Kit portal. As a note, the original portal at will still be available but will be sunset next month.

React Native wrapper: We now have React Native support for Camera Kit! The wrapper provides developers a convenient way to implement the functionalities of Camera Kit in React Native powered applications once, and publish on multiple platforms (Android and iOS). Detailed instructions and a sample application is available on the Github page.

Privacy Manifest changes: Apple is asking developers to declare their data use within privacy manifest files. This file must declare any required reason APIs used by your app or its third-party frameworks, when submitting to the Apple App Store after May 1st, 2024. If you update to Camera Kit SDK v1.30 and above, you do not need to take any action. For earlier versions please see iOS Considerations in our documentation.

Release notes:

  • Lens Studio 5.0.10 support
  • iOS: Added Privacy manifest file describing data the SDK collects and reasons required APIs it uses.
  • Android: Added new LensPushToDeviceService#initiatePairing and LensPushToDeviceService#unpair methods to pair and unpair Push-to-Device without using default UI.
  • iOS: Added new SCCameraKitPushToDeviceProtocol#unpair method to unpair from Push-to-Device.


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