"you have reached your limit of friend requests for now. try again in a few days"

MattP Posts: 5

I know this is a Snapchat support-related issue but I've been getting no responses from them. I was curious if anyone has ever gotten this restriction lifted from their account since support isn't doing anything about it.


  • audun
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    Hi @MattP,
    You've been ratelimited, which means it's going to lift itself after X amount of time.

    We don't know when it's going away unfortunately, so you just need to wait, sorry.

  • ardalan zakho

  • The message "you have reached your limit of friend requests for now. try again in a few days" typically appears on social media platforms or other online services when a user has sent or received a certain number of friend requests within a specific time period. This limit is often put in place to prevent spamming, excessive friend requests, or misuse of the platform's features.

    If you encounter this message, herboganic it means that you've hit the maximum allowable number of friend requests you can send or receive within a certain timeframe. You'll need to wait for the specified duration (usually a few days) before you can send more friend requests. This limitation is in place to maintain a healthy and positive user experience for everyone on the platform.

  • Devyn
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    I have had this same problem for WAY more than a few days. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I still can’t add people. It’s really pissing me off honestly. “Wait a few days” message and I’ve waited and nothing has happened. They need to tell you how long I’m numbers instead of vague words like “few days” 2 weeks is ridiculous. I’ve deleted Snapchat and downloaded it back, I’ve signed in and signed out and still nothing. They need to fix this