Silly question about integrating camera kit web

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Hi! I am personally a bit of a beginner with coding, so I have a really embarrassing to ask question - once we're ready to upload our lens to the clients web page. How do we go about using it? Do I have to submit for approval to the snap team first? Then next steps, how to I put it on their website?


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    Hi @Paigepiskin! Good question! The apps that use Camera Kit themselves require approval in the Snap Developer Portal before pushing them to production. The Lenses themselves go through the normal Lens approval process. In terms of putting it on the website, it would need to be integrated directly into their website. Each website has a different setup so it's difficult to describe exactly how this can be done. If you have specific details on what your clients are using to publish their website, I'd be happy to offer assistance in integrating Camera Kit with it.

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    Hey @Michael Mase !! Thank you, I will start the review submission process. The filter isn't fully optimized yet or finished, but we'd like to actually first publish the current version on a website to share with our team for review. So we can take any direction for website set up that you think would be best!

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    Note: we can get a new domain and upload to it, so we can take any direction for setting it up!

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    hey, so It sounds like our file is good to go for upload - I was just wondering if there is any documentation that shares what the next step is when your visual studio code file is ready to be uploaded to a website?

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    @Michael Mase Hey! So me and a friend did some testing and uploaded to amplify, and it was getting some errors:

    This error I saw in the developer tools on chrome" Failed to load module script: Expected a JavaScript module script but the server responded with a MIME type of "video/mp2t". Strict MIME type checking is enforced for module scripts per HTML spec."

    I'm not sure how to go about fixing this :/! I am not sure if this is amplify related - it seems it could have something to do with it being typescript?

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    @electronicadhesive It's look like not a silly question it's help me alot also appreciated....

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    Thanks @realHabibilyas : ) I'm glad it helped

  • Hey @Paigepiskin , I was running into this issue as well but just figured it out with help from @Michael Mase !

    Here's the link to that thread:

    I hope it helps you as well!

  • No need to feel embarrassed at all—everyone starts somewhere, and learning is a continuous process! I assume you're referring to a Snapchat Lens, given your mention of the "snap team." Here's a general guide on how you can proceed:

    Create Your Lens:

    Use the Snapchat Lens Studio to design and create your lens. This involves coding the lens using JavaScript and the Lens Studio scripting API. Ensure your lens functions as intended and meets Snapchat's guidelines.
    Testing Your Lens:

    Before submitting your lens, test it thoroughly using the Lens Studio preview feature. This allows you to see how your lens will behave in different scenarios.
    Submit for Approval:

    Once you're satisfied with your lens, you'll need to submit it to Snapchat for approval. Snapchat has guidelines and policies that your lens must adhere to. After submission, it goes through a review process to ensure it meets their standards.
    Approval Process:

    The approval process can take some time. Be patient and make sure your lens complies with Snapchat's community guidelines and technical requirements.

    If your lens is approved, you'll receive notification, and it will be published on the Snapchat platform. Users can then discover and use it through the Snapchat app.
    Integration on Client's Website:

    If your client wants to embed the Snapchat Lens on their website, they will need to use the Snap Camera Kit. This is a set of tools provided by Snapchat that allows you to embed Lenses directly onto a website. The integration process involves using HTML and JavaScript.

    As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Snapchat's tools and processes might have evolved, so it's crucial to refer to the latest documentation and resources provided by Snapchat and Snap Kit for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

    Always make sure to follow Snapchat's guidelines and terms of service throughout the creation and submission process. If you have specific technical questions or need assistance with the coding aspect, Snapchat's official documentation and community forums are valuable resources.