Camera Kit: Safe Region and Zooming behavior


We have an app with camera kit integrated. I wonder if someone can point me to docs or let me know how can I set the Safe Region correctly (now it feels like it using the whole canvas even when I'm using Render Safe regions).

Also, I have a pretty annoying behavior when scaling objects (World Object Controller) with two fingers, it zooms the camera together with scaling the objects, which is not the case in the native Snapchat application. How to remove that behavior in camera kit?
Platform is iOS, preferably

Thanks a lot for your help


  • stevenxu
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    @randomgoose Thanks for posting on the forum. Created an eng ticket (5175) for iOS eng to look into this.

  • randomgoose

    Also the questions is, why touch blocking doesn't work in camera kit (double tap to switch to selfie cam) while is working in Snapchat with the same lens? Where should I look into to enable the same behavior

  • arashp
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    Hi @randomgoose, thanks for the questions. You are right that Camera Kit sample apps handle touches somewhat differently than Snapchat. If you are using our ReferenceUI, the code that handles touches is in CameraViewController.setupActions. You can modify that behavior for your use case.

    Regarding your other question, yes, we do have a guide on handling safe regions in a lens here. Does this help?