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Introducing Open-Source Unity Sample App Code - accepting contributions!

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This month, we are very excited to announce that we publicly launched open-source code for Camera Kit with Unity. This Unity sample project wraps the Camera Kit iOS and Android SDKs and can launch Camera Kit experiences. This includes the ability to launch a lens in parallel with your Unity scene and communicate in real time with the active Lens using our local communication pathways. The project leverages Unity as a Library which is typically used when a developer has an existing iOS or Android application but we have added post-processing logic that ensures you won't need to write native code (Swift/Kotlin) in order to take advantage of Camera Kit, and will be able to build your experience using only managed C# code.

Why Unity support?
Listening closely to your feedback, we consistently heard one particular request – Unity support. We learned that many of you wanted to integrate Camera Kit into both iOS and Android apps without the need for extensive native development skills. By introducing this solution, we aim to make Camera Kit accessible to more developers, allowing you to focus on AR content creation without the hurdles of acquiring new skill sets for iOS and Android app development.

A huge shoutout to our community
This would not have been possible without feedback from developers in our community (especially the gamers 🙂). Special thank you to developers who have shared their own solutions with fellow community members and continue to be heavily engaged in the Camera Kit platform. We hope that this allows many of you that have shared requests for Unity support to move forward with Camera Kit. We’re excited to see what you build.

Get started with Camera Kit and Unity
To dive in, you can find the Unity sample project in our open-source repository:

Support, Feedback, and Contributions
We are eager to hear your feedback in this Camera Kit Community Forum! Please note support/help requests on github will be closed, so they are best handled through the Camera Kit Community Forum as well. Your code contributions are welcome, as we know we can always improve. We aim to review these at a regular cadence.

Known Limitations

  • Unity as a Library is not the typical way people use Unity. Although we provide extensions that manage the native code for you, you will still need to do a one-time setup for two native apps (iOS/Android).
  • Our template may restrict usage of other 3rd-party plugins.

We are looking forward to hearing feedback from our community on this solution and how it can be improved!

Happy Building!
The Camera Kit Team



  • kaam deir

    Exciting news! Camera Kit now supports Unity. The Unity sample project, available on GitHub, lets you integrate Camera Kit into iOS and Android apps using managed C# code. This is in response to your feedback, making AR content creation more accessible. Share your thoughts in the Camera Kit Community Forum.

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    I've developed a game-changing feature that enhances safety and privacy for sharing images on snapchat how to submit it?

  • momo_lui

    I would like to ask why the camera I enabled in the Unity demo cannot see the real scene.

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    This update came at the perfect time! I'm currently developing an app with it. How can we contribute to this? Do you accept pull requests?