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I have a problem and I want to solve it

The problem is that my profile is commercial and I cannot receive profits in commercial profiles
When you delete your business profile all lenses will be deleted

Is there a way to transfer to keep the lenses in the new profile?


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    @ANAS1 Isn't your lenses just connected to your snapchat account not your business account? When you delete public profile and create a new one, the lenses will also on the new public profile. Where you even have a option to delete business account or were you just talking about the business public profile?

  • Yes, it is connected to my account, but the lens folder is in the name of the organization inside the business profile. I am confused about my situation. I do not know what to do. And support does not have a useful answer.

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    How can you delete your business account? My lens folder is also in my business account. But I have deleted my business public profile and replaced it with a normal public profile

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    @ANAS1 sure, my ig is @joonaslaakso_

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