Camera Kit For Unity - 2 Apps in Android app drawer

Pico Alta
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Hi there,

I'm currently in the stage of Android development in the Camerakit For Unity repo. I noticed after creating an Android build, that there are 2 apps in my app drawer: One app is with CameraKit and one is without.

How would I remove this app without CameraKit? What would happen if I push my app into production, would the end user also see 2 apps in their app drawer?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Pico Alta
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    Ok managed to solve this one:

    In your Android project, go to unityLibrary/manifests/AndroidManifest.xml and remove the LAUNCHER intent from


    So it looks like this:

            <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

    Could this be added to the readme or is this something that can be done in a post-build script?


  • Edgar Neto
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    Thank you, this is great feedback. We will add it to future versions of the sample app.