Lenses Not Showing In Our App

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Hey guys, we published a few custom lenses but we can't see them in our app. In our Lens Pack dashboard, we see that each of them has a Public status. We have already been approved so our Camera Kit is up and running. Can someone please help us?


  • stevenxu
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    @Hangoo - We think this issue is likely due to version incompatibility. Please see this forum post from another developer with a similar issue in which we included a solution to.

    If you confirm it is due to version incompatibility, then we would suggest to update your Camera Kit to the latest- v1.15.1 (release notes here) which supports the latest Lens Studio v4.25.x at the time of this writing. The other option is to download an older version of Lens Studio, but you'll have to re-publish the Lens.

  • stevenxu
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    @Hangoo Also feel free to check out this Camera Kit version parity table.