[Week 1] Community Log

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Hey there Snap Fam,

Steven here from Snap's DevRel team. Thank you for joining our new forum! It's been officially one week since we've quietly launched this, and I gotta say... it's so awesome to already see such an active community with all the sign-ups, posts, avatar uploads, tutorials, and especially FEATURE REQUESTS.

Wow, so many great ideas. Know that we are reading them and will get back to you as soon as we can. More details to come on how you can check the status of your feature requests so keep it coming!

There's a ton of updates and content we'll be adding to this forum as it's still in an early stage, but I didn't want to wait till then to communicate my gratitude to you all hence this impromptu log. B)

Shout-out of the week goes to: @Danny Marree
Thank you for your "Introduce yourself!" post. Such a great way to welcome members and to get to know each other.

Forum Changelog
Version 1.1
May 3, 2022

  • Added the ability to edit posts up to 1 month old (Thanks @Ines Hilz)
  • Changed Post Format from Rich to Markdown

Stay tuned for more!

Thank you all,
Snap DevRel team