Known Materials issue in Lens Studio 4.22 (fixed in 4.25)

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Hey Folks

Update: Importing your project into Lens Studio 4.25 fixes this issue.

We had many reports of Material rendering issues in Lens Studio 4.22. Patch 4.22.1 was released to address those issues. One side effect is that some materials created in LS 4.22 can interfere with rendering in Lenses published from LS 4.22.1. This includes the Default material included with all image components. Our recommendation is to start projects in Lens Studio 4.22.1 going forward to avoid generating bugged materials.

If you are finishing a project created in LS 4.22, we recommend resetting all image components to regenerate the Default material.

Please reach out to support at if you continue to have issues or notice any other bugs.



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    I'm facing an issue where a black face mesh appears when I send my lens to my iPhone to test it out..


    Lens Studio v4.22.1

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    Hey @Baruch

    Did you try resetting the image components of your Lens project? If so, what version of Snapchat are you using?


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  • We just started using the program today, version 4.22.1. We imported some PNG's, and everything works fine in preview using the program. After publishing to Snap Camera, none of our images show up. All we get is a frozen camera, or a black and purple checkerboard where the images should be. We tried using the default material, and we also tried using a separate unlit material for each texture. It's the same problem every time.

  • يوجد مشكلة بالتحديث الاخير

  • I am facing the same issue. I have upgraded to the new lens studio v4.25. Snap Camera is 1.9.0 (although you show that there is 1.10.0 version here but I dont know know how to download it). I have created new materials in v4.25 but no changes. It is weird because I have some materials that are working (like the glasses frames that are triggered by a script) but the rest is not. The filters I have created with previous lens studio version work, which makes me regret to upgrade especially when I need to publish this and show my client that this is working. I might have to redo the whole thing in a new file.

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    also getting a pink & black checkerboard when adding Color Correction post effects. Started a brand new project on the latest version, reset everything and it's still broken.

  • Do Snapchat have a Minecraft made lense?

  • Im having the same problem, works in preview, and when sent to phone, but not when exported and used on snap cam.