[SOLVED] How to FIX "Project was not loaded! Unknown error" ๐Ÿ”ด


Project was not loaded! Unknown error

You might come across such an error

[Project was not loaded! Unknown error],

and no matter what you do, your project just won't open. I have found a cool way to fix your project without much hassle.

I am going to use my corrupt project as an example.

After opening it shows like this.

We Will fix using an Empty Project as our Template.

Follow This Steps:-

First Step:

1) Create a new Empty Project.

2) Name it "testing"

3) Save it & Close it.

(*Note:- Do not create anything; keep it blank)

Second Step:

1) Goto your same project folder named "testing".

Third Step:

1) Delete the following folders and file:

- a) Public (Folder)

- b) Scene (Folder)

- c) project.data (File)

Fourth Step: (Most Important Step)

1) Goto your corrupted Project Folder (showing error message "Project was not loaded! Unknown error").

2) Copy the following folders and file from the corrupted project to your new blank project (testing).

- a) AdditionalFiles (Folder)

- b) Public (Folder)

- c) Scene (Folder)

- d) project.data (File)

Fifth Step:

1) Delete all the temporary files and remnants of the previous project by following this tutorial.


Sixth Step:

1) Start your testing Project. And IT WILL WORK.

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